Go Earth A World Of Gifts opened in July 2007 as a Fair Trade shop marketing hand crafted products from artisans in many developing countries.  As of mid-April 2011 we have decided to bring the artisan’s products to the people at special events, fundraisers and group presentations.  You can see from the photos on this web page that the products are uniquely beautiful and make fantastic gifts or striking additions to your home/office décor.

Fair Trade is about helping artisans in developing countries market their exquisite creations and paying them a fair, living income.  They are paid directly upon completion of their work, eliminating a large network of middlemen.  Go Earth is the connection between our communities and these talented individuals.

Contact Go Earth for sales of Fair Trade items at your business, school, club, church, etc.   We can offer awesome one-of-a kind jewelry, purses, baskets, wall art, statues, cards and more!  By choosing hand crafted Fair Trade products, you know your purchase has made a difference.

Thank you for your interest in Fair Trade.

e-mail contact:  goearthimports@tds.net

Banded Onyx BowlA quick look at:
Onyx from Pakistan – artists choose the highest quality onyx stone with beautiful colors and grains. Huge blocks are cut into smaller chunks using a lathe-like machine with a circular blade. Then the artisans carve the stone into smooth bowls, vases, candles. Each one has different colors throughout the stone, ranging from translucent whites to browns or greens…. Gorgeous!

Dancing Girl Earrings
Recycled soda cans from Kenya - the cans and coiled wire are cut into shapes and formed by disabled artisans into ornaments, pins, earrings, and small angels. Cans from cola, orange, rootbeer or white soda with the addition of beads never looked so good…Eye-catching!

Oil drums from Haiti - Handcrafted art is made by cutting, shaping, piercing, hand hammering recycled oil drums. Pieces either have a clear protective coating to prevent rust or are hand painted (such as the geckos). Wall hangings are gorgeous indoors or out!

The natural artistic talents of the Haitians are well known, and you will find their work …..Amazing!

South Africa – bowls from telephone wire…..Ecuador – jewelry made from a large nut…… Philippines – purses from juice bags…..and much more!!


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“Go Earth represents handcrafted products from many developing countries such as Bangladesh,
Haiti, Peru, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nepal, S. Africa, India, Kenya, Chile, Indonesia, Pakistan.”